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October 2023 Newsletter

October 31, 2023

Clinical Trial Supply Agreement

We have progressed with the Clinical Trial Supply Agreement, which was signed with a large global pharmaceutical company this summer. As per the agreement, InsuLife will receive free insulin for our clinical trials, free of charge, whilst the global company is entitled to an exclusivity period to negotiate a commercial deal with InsuLife once the results from the first clinical study are available. In October, we signed a Quality Agreement with the same company, and preparations are underway for the insulin to be shipped to InsuLife.

Once we receive the insulin, we will commence our formulation stability testing. This is required as part of our Clinical Trial Application to the European Medicines Agency and Ethical Committee to initiate the first clinical study of INS-2301 at the Clinical TrialConsultants in Uppsala, Sweden.

Continued support from our shareholders

Since our successful bridge fundraise this summer, we have been in close dialogue with new and existing shareholders, including the Indian Contract Research Organization, Siro Clinpharm. Having supported InsuLife during both funding rounds, this is excellent news to InsuLife, as the company has in-depth knowledge of biotech development processes and thus shows its commitment to and belief in InsuLife.

As we continue to work towards our first clinical study of INS-2301 in Sweden, we have also focused on securing additional capital to take us into the execution phase of the initial clinical trials. We are currently in advanced discussions with interested investors to raise up to USD 10 million.

We are entering an exciting period for the business and are grateful to our shareholders who continue to support us along the way. We look forward to providing you with a more detailed clinical pipeline by the end of this year.


Åge Nærdal, Chief Executive Officer

About InsuLife

IInsuLife is a pioneering private company based in Norway. InsuLife is dedicated to transforming the way in which insulin is administrated by diabetes patients by developing its unique transdermal spray, INS-2301 (formerly termed Levellor™). A transdermal insulin spray has the potential to replace needle-based administration of insulin for diabetes patients looking for alternative administration methods. Today, 537 million people live with diabetes worldwide and according to estimates released by the Lancet Medical Journal in June 2023 more than 1.3 billion people worldwide will have diabetes in 2050.

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InsuLife is a Norwegian company aiming at bringing the unparalleled developmental INS-2301 skin-applied insulin to market.
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