Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance forms an essential part of InsuLife’s corporate culture and overall business. InsuLife aims to maintain a good and open dialogue between all stakeholders to encourage trust and confidence in the company’s activities.

InsuLife – Corporate Governance Policy

Transparent and reliable communication

InsuLife will communicate openly and transparently, both internally and externally, about its business activities and matters relating to corporate governance.

Equal treatment of shareholders

Neither the Board of Directors, management, nor the General Meeting may make any decision that is intended to give an unreasonable advantage to certain shareholders at the expense of other shareholders or the company.

Board of Directors

InsuLife will have a Board of Directors elected by the shareholders. Board of Directors is generally elected for a period of 2 years.

General meetings

 InsuLife will hold General Meetings to guarantee a shareholder’s participation in the company’s highest body. An Annual General Meeting shall be held by the 30 of June each year. Notice of the General Meeting shall be sent to all shareholders with a known address.

Articles of Association

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Our impact and commitment to ESG

Our mission is to make insulin more accessible while simplifying and improving everyday life for people with diabetes. With this mission, sustainability lies at the centre of our operations.

We are committed to operating our business responsibly and sustainably and, over time, ensure that we contribute to a more sustainable approach to producing and administrating medicine.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to develop a transdermal insulin spray that is low-cost and accessible.

InsuLife is a Norwegian company aiming at bringing the unparalleled developmental INS-2301 skin-applied insulin to market.
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