Company History


Pre-IND-meeting with FDA

National Patent applications filed in March Preclinical study in diabetic rats showed dose-dependent absorption of human insulin and blood sugar lowering.

Provisional patent filed with US Patent Office in May, PCT filed in September


Clinical study (N=5)

A comparison of peak meal glucose levels in healthy volunteers with or without the administration of A Novel Transdermally Delivered Human Insulin.

Global Reach Potential

InsuLife acquired the global IP for Insulin and diabetes medicine formulation from Transdermal Delivery Solutions Corp. (TDSC).

Clinical and commercial development for insulin initiated by InsuLife AS. 


Clinical Study (N=1)

A Comparison of Injected Insulin Replacement Therapy With A Novel Transdermally Delivered Human Insulin Product.

Insulin was formulated with the Transdermal Delivery System. 


TDS Clinical Study 

A clinical study on Dermal Cumulative Irritation with the TDS® drug delivery system was conducted by The Langford Institute under Dr. Howard Maibach at Dermatology Research Laboratory in San Francisco.
2003 - 2015

Pharmaceutical Drugs Converted to TDS

Several pharmaceutical drugs were formulated and converted to TDS. Development of larger and biological molecules began.

Patent Awarded

The first patent for the Transdermal Delivery System, TDS®, was awarded.
Early 1990s

Transdermal Delivery Research Begins

In the early 1990’s, the CEO of HypoSpray Pharma, Kenneth B. Kirby, began researching ways to improve the safety and efficiency of transdermal drug delivery. He began by investigating which compounds could transmigrate the skin readily and rapidly, without the need to overcome the natural protective barriers of the human skin.
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InsuLife is a Norwegian company aiming at bringing the unparalleled developmental INS-2301 skin-applied insulin to market.
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